Tuesday, 7 February 2012


As I have decided that my magazine will feature music rather than fashion. I must create a masthead. As my photos have already been taken, this will work to my advantage as they could be used as inspiration.

Other aspects of inspiration are previous and successful music magazines. For example:


This is the logo from a very successful music mag. As the title of the magazine is unusual,unique and original, it attracts readers. Furthermore, as it is an abnormal name, it is easier to rememeber which works to its advantage.

The name itself I think is pretty self explainatry for the genre of music. It is catchy, quick and quirky which fits the genres of music mixed into the magazine. As the writing is neither flowery or coloured to represent 'females', the rock style is clearly shown.

Colour Schemes:


Here are my photos for the magazine. During this, I will need to decide which ones I will use. As for the ones I havent used, they will just be placed in planning:

Ryan Willis
 Here is a photo of my male model. Like planned, both models were dressed in casual wear. This will give my audience the chance to relate to ordinary people. In this photo, the model has refused to show any facial expression. This photo could be within my double page for a negative story.

 The next two photo's will be placed on te double page but as extra photos. I like these photos as they are plain and simple.


As my magazine is based on Music mags, the next two photos seemed vital. By combining a guitar and microphone, this automatically has linked my models into a duet band.

 When looking through all of the photos taken that day, this is my favorite. I have decided that this will be my cover photo for the front cover.

Overall the photos was a success. As there are fewer photos of my female model. the double page will be based on the male.

The use of the white background will make editing the photos much easier for things such as 'cutting out'.Also as both models have vibrant/bold hair colours, this will also be easier to cut out rather than a lighter shade.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Creating a questionnaire was the first part of my research. I have created this questionnaire to retrieve information on my audiences veiws on music:


Please answer the next fifteen questions. Tick the appropriate boxes and answer within the spaces provided. Thank you!
Gender:            Female                          Male
Age: _____
1.      Daily, how often do you listen to music?
          1-2hrs      2-3hrs           3-4hrs      Not At All

2.      What attracts you to a certain solo artist or band?
3.      Do you:
Buy CD’s     Download illegally     Buy from itunes        other

If other, please state:

4.      Do you buy music magazine?

Yes                   No

5.      Please explain why:

6.      Are music magazines over-priced?

Yes                   No

7.      Have you ever illegally downloaded?

Yes                   No

8.      Do you believe it is fair? Explain:
9.      Which genre of music do you enjoy?
Rock    Country      Folk    Pop     Heavy Metal     Other

If other please state:

10.  Do you relate to certain songs/artists?

Yes                   No

If you are comfortable with sharing, please state an example:
11.  Does music impact your life in any way?
Yes                   No

Please state why:


12.   What do you listen to music with?

Mobile phone                        Ipod    TV        Other

If other please state:
13.  What is your least favourite genre of music?


Please state why:

14.  Who is your favourite artist?



15.   Who is an Inspirational Artist?


16.  Are you interested in the music industry?

Yes                   No

Please elaborate:

17.   Would you be interested in reviews and interviews your favourite artist had done?

Yes                   No
18.  Would this change your opinion on them?

Yes                   No
19.  Do you only listen to popular songs from the charts?
Yes                   No

20.  Which bands do you believe will still be around in ten years?


Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Today I began taking photos for myproject. Both of my models were dressed casually to conclude in them looking like everyday individuals. Also as they were in their own choices of clothing with a few requests from me, this made them look unique and different. Many individual shots were took for the male model as he will be featured in the double page.  The photo's I took of him were on various different levels with the prop of a guitar.

The use of the guitar emphasized that these photo's were for a music magazine.  However the female model took more feminine photo's with a microphone. Using both musical props and group shots, I could form my two models into a duet band.
This was very successful :-).

However, to conclude in my photo shooting,I need:
  • Outside shots
  • Photos to be featured as advertisements


Before I began to take photo's of my models (Sarah & Ryan), I decided to look at other magazines and the poses they used for their models. Here are some examples:

This magazine makes the female look superior. Since she is staring at the camera, this cathces the readers attention as it gives the illusion she is staring right at YOU.

This front cover shows that body guestures portray alot. For example as she has placed her arm across her stomach, this cleary shows she is pregnant.


TO conclude in my final piece being a success, I have began to plan different ideas which I could use and consider. Without doing so, this could conclude in my front cover,contents page and two page spread failing miserably.

Main Qualities I Need To Include:
- house style
- colour scheme
- MastHead
- Photo's to include
- Purpose

Involving all of these aspects and more, surely nothing can go wrong? I hope. Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Start.

For this project, I need to create a product in relation to magazines. This will conclude in my product containing:
  • A Front Cover
  • A Contents Page
  • A Double Page
To ensure my product holds the conventional things a magazine would have, I will need to research into various mags and learn the many key techniques. Enjoy :-)

Slumdog Millionaire

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Media Ownership Essay

The Uk has been proven to be dominated extremely by Hollywood alone. This ongoing issue has concluded in American films receiving more popularity than British creations. Although this has concluded in American films making larger profits and sales increases, this has worked the opposite for the British films which have failed to gain as much popularity thus struggling with distributing and promotion.
 However, although this was an occurring crisis, certain films were able to become as successful as certain American creations. An example of this is Slum dog Millionaire created by Danny Boyle. Although this film suffered the economical lack, the success the film concluded with was overwhelming. As Boyle used a Global audience, this concluded in his film attracting more than one culture/country. This is due to his eclectic use of cultures within the film. Originally, the film was based upon a young boy born within the Slums leading to a lack of education and welfare. His journey of better living is featured within the film whilst the British game; ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ is intertwined into the story. The collective use of cultures and religions allowed huge and varied audiences to become intrigued by the film. Without this, it is suggestive that the film would not have succeeded as it already has. Using Indian conventions, this allowed the film to hold realism and connect with the storyline thus gaining the larger audiences. Also as the director had already created successful films previously this worked to his advantage.
Tug launched targeted banners across the Google Content network to build awareness of the film on a cost per click model Google is the most used website so this got the film a lot of recognition. The film was shown in cinemas starting at a lower screening number then increasing engaging a platform audience after this the film was then released on DVD and Blue-Ray which meant more profit was gained from the movie.
Another main issue raised by Media Ownership in films is how it is easier to release a film if the company is vertically integrated production distribution and exhibition work a lot more effectively when the company is 'vertically integrated' as the three stages are seen as part of the same larger process, under the control of one company.
Within the media world, ownership has become a dominated factor due to Sony. The vast organisation is vertically integrated due to owning so many companies. By adopting numerous smaller companies into their family, this has enhanced Sony’s success. For example, by owning a collective speciality companies this allowed Sony to control most aspect of the media world.

 Synergy was was used in the release of Spiderman as the film. An example of this was the merchandise distributed before and after the film. As the soundtrack was very popular within the time, this became a hit. Furthermore, Sony had already signed the soundtrack to them concluding with another increase economically for their company.
The advertisement used for the release of Spider men left the film extremely popular before the launch. Using viral marketing and creating a website, this benefited the film and Sony vastly. Overall this lead to Sony holding a vast hold upon the media world.