Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Here are my photos for the magazine. During this, I will need to decide which ones I will use. As for the ones I havent used, they will just be placed in planning:

Ryan Willis
 Here is a photo of my male model. Like planned, both models were dressed in casual wear. This will give my audience the chance to relate to ordinary people. In this photo, the model has refused to show any facial expression. This photo could be within my double page for a negative story.

 The next two photo's will be placed on te double page but as extra photos. I like these photos as they are plain and simple.


As my magazine is based on Music mags, the next two photos seemed vital. By combining a guitar and microphone, this automatically has linked my models into a duet band.

 When looking through all of the photos taken that day, this is my favorite. I have decided that this will be my cover photo for the front cover.

Overall the photos was a success. As there are fewer photos of my female model. the double page will be based on the male.

The use of the white background will make editing the photos much easier for things such as 'cutting out'.Also as both models have vibrant/bold hair colours, this will also be easier to cut out rather than a lighter shade.

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