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How significant have convergence, synergy ad vertical integration been in the development of Sony and its ability to produce, promote and distribute films? Make references to Spider Man and your own choice of recent release. You must consider DVD and Blu-ray as product too.

The Development made by Sony is to a thenominal extent. This is due to numerous different factors in which have assisted the ‘parent company’ in becoming as well known and successful as it is to the present day.  Without factors such as synergy, convergence and vertical integration the company would not have progressed. Within this type of organisation, advertisement skills and use of digital technology in promoting the product are key in succeeding in selling.
Although Sony distributes films, this doesn’t suggest that this organisation is tied to only this distribution. As the organisation has become a ‘parent company’ to others due to buying other companies and partnerships this gives them a vast range of distribution chances. This suggests and also proves that Sony is extremely vertically integrated. By buying out competition this concludes Sony creating itself superiority.
Sony also owns Sony Music Entertainment created by successive mergers from a variety of different companies. Examples of these companies are; Epic, RCA and Columbia Records. The company Sony Music Entertainment Inc. is a vast well known company which is owned subsidiary of the Sony Corporation of America.
This is an example of how large scale Sony itself actually is. By having such a vast amount of relationships with other companies, large and small this concludes in larger successes

                                  The film Spiderman is a very basic example of how Sony uses these numerous different promotion skills to sell and promote their product. When the film first was advertised, there were a variety of promotion skills used – this enabled Sony to reach a range of different audiences by using advertisements such as posters and adverts etc. Convergence is used to promote the product in a way that attracts the desired chosen audience. This is succeeded using new technology.  As the majority of the younger population are socially active on either social networking sites or other websites such as YouTube, by displaying ads and previews on these sites enhanced the variety of people they could advertise to. By branching out the areas in which advertised, this will increase the numbers interested by this new film thus Sony succeeding in constructing a profit.
Using Spiderman as the example, the synergy Sony created and manufactured for this film alone was positively huge.  The company used promotion skills to the extent of Spiderman advertisements were found in numerous public places and in stores.                                                                                                           As Sony is such a vast organisation, the ownership and partnership with other minor companies concludes in many other opportunities to advertise and promote. For example, as GAME is released under SONY play stations, this was a huge opportunity which generated Spiderman into the virtual world of video games. By using the characters voices from the film within this video game, this enhanced the realism of the game being extremely similar to the film.  The use of creating a virtual spider man gave Sony the chance to vary their target audience as the younger generation would have been hit with the adverts.
The promotion of Spiderman also leads to further ideas in promotion. Manufactured toys were distributed thus giving a child their own chance to embrace their Spider man adventures. As the deal was confirmed between Warner Shop, Toy Biz and Sony, this lead to further profit making.
As shown, spiderman was distributed in a way in which would benefit Sony massively. Without the use of Synergy and convergence, the successful scale of this film would have decreased to a miniscule success, perhaps even failure. The use of eclective advertising skills enabled Sony to conclude in a vast target audience which maximised profits.

Other films distributed by Sony have the similar conclusion in promotion. Another example would be the film, ‘Bounty Hunter’. The convergence used promoted the film and directed the audience’s desires in investing to view the film.  The website involves the viewer immediately by placing a game on the website. By doing so this gives the viewer a different outlook on the film.
 However, this specific film does not contain any large scale digital effects to create abnormal effects as the storyline is based on someone average life. Although this will prevent the film in being able to advertise itself to appeal to certain audiences, the synergy behind this film alone balances this.
 The manufactures of this film have used a variety of techniques to ensure success for this creation. By using a variety of styles of advertisements, this ensures that the target audience for this film will be reached whilst also appealing their film to others with the consistent adverts.
An example of this is making the films sound track available to others. By doing so, this advertises the piece in many different stores thus increasing the popularity before some have even viewed the film.
Without the industries extreme use of technology, the promotion of both of these creations may have not had the same impact on its audience as they have. As the advertisements promote the film from before it is screened up until the day itself, this creates an anxiety and enthusiasm towards the piece.

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