Monday, 5 December 2011

More on Sony:

How can sony be called a vertically integrated company?
The company Sony are in possession of numerous different companies within different stages of the musical industry. This gives the company a huge advantage as they own many rights towards artists etc. Also by owning aspects such as video gaming factors and other forms of convergence and synergy this gives the company the status of being vertically intergrated. By becoming vertically-integrated, Sony hoped to create "synergies" in its operations, or stated another way. Sony wanted to stimulate the sales of hardware by controlling the production and distribution of software.

How did the release of Spiderman exemplify synergy?

As the majority of the younger population are socially active on either social networking sites or other websites such as YouTube, by displaying ads and previews on these sites enhanced the variety of people they could advertise to. By branching out the areas in which advertised, this will increase the numbers interested by this new film thus Sony succeeding in constructing a profit.


How was viral marketing used to promote monsters?

 By creating a website containing all information based on this film, this enhanced the chances of promotion. As a vast amount of the population use the internet to this present day, by creating this website, the marketing for this film increased vastly. Looking at the website, this site is covered with 'sneak previews' and trailers which will capture the best parts of the film such as clips of the climax. This then intrigues the veiwer and makes them want to view the film when released.  This increases the promotion by increasing advertisments. 

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