Monday, 21 November 2011

My Attempts:

My task was was to create the front cover and contents page of a school mag. I decided to create mine with a varied target audience. Although students would be my main audience with the ages varying from eleven to eighteen, there was the possibility staff could read this school based media piece.
  To suit all ages, I took the classical Heworth grange colours of Yellow, blue and and black and based my colour scheme on this. By carrying on these dominant colours throughout my front cover and contents page, this  made the two pieces almost belong to each other instead of a HUGE contrast.

The main stories I advertised on my front cover were school based ofcourse but highlighted many different years. For example a double spread on a six form matter and others on factors such as:

- Teacher related stories
- Building contruction news
- etc

After annalysing many different mags, I chose to go with the stereotypical look with a blown up picture of a person. One of my models is shown:

As the mag was dedicated to school purposes, I used two photo's of pupils within the school. I also belnded a photo of a pupil in with the newest building work to show many different aspects which the mag would highlight.

My Pieces:

Enjoy :-)

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