Tuesday, 15 November 2011


When looking at different genres and styles of magazines, it was clear the target arudience had a HUGE impact on nearly everything variable. If the target audience wasn't considered this would bascially lead to the magazine failing to sell as it wouldnt appeal to its chosen peers.
Colour schemes are vital within a magazine layout. Without a layout, this will lead to the magazine losing structure and looking a tad messy. The correct colour scheme can sometimes even attract the chosen audience. For example if the colour palet was more or less different shades of pink or pastel colours, this would automatically be stereotyped as a females mag.
The use of font & sizes is also an important factor. If the font is say bubble writing this would obviously be directed to a younger audience instead of the older generations.

Considering many different factors involving the media and design of a magazine, I then began to create my own front page and contents page.

Will post soon :-)

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